Adrian Flores

San Jose Headquarter
tel: (408) 528-1903

Adrian Flores Presents is a Bay Area based organization that advocates Ballroom Dancing with relationship training. There are 13 Steps to a Great Dance Team and these steps are designed to produce positive outcomes out of any team effort, our first exercise is the dance team. Once you can become a Great Dance Team, you can create any team effort
with positive results.

The 13th STEP DANCE TEAM is Building Respect Through Dance!

This program serves to guide students and young adults in positive directions, and to help them grow into respectful and healthy adults.

Adrian's new Book is now available!
"Transforming Your Community Through Dance - 13 Steps to a Great Dance Team"
(buy in paperback or eBook)



Hear Adrian's Interview on 94.5 KBAY

Adrian Dance Clips
Samba Waltz
Foxtrot Tango

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